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  • These 7 exterior fixes will help you sell your home



    As if the Seattle housing market wasn’t already ridiculous, this summer is gearing up to be a duesy. So if you’re thinking about selling your home this year now is the time to get it ready.

    It is by far a sellers market, but there are still important fixes all sellers should do to make sure you get the best possible price for your home. The effort you put into it now will undoubtedly increase its value, likely up the number of bids you get, and could even shorten sales time.

    Home buying is all about the first impression and the first thing buyers notice is your home’s exterior. Buyers sometimes even do drive-bys of houses to see if it’s worth touring inside. So just as you stage the interior, you’ll also want to stage the exterior. Here are a few tips to get your home ready to list.


    1.The writing is most definitely on the wall

    It’s estimated that washing the outside of your house can add $10-$15K to its sale price. We’ve worked with dozens of real estate agents in the greater Seattle area to prep homes for this very reason and know the payoff is big. So make sure you wash dirt and any other unsightly grime that has made the exterior walls and windows of your house it’s home. You should even give your gutters and downspouts a good cleaning.


    2. Don’t paint your house red

    The #1 piece of advice experts will give you to boost your home’s curb appeal is to paint the exterior. Not only will buyers 100% notice paint color and quality, appraisers will actually include this in valuing your home. But whatever you do, avoid using bright colors. Appraisers don’t look too kindly on brightly colored houses when the competition has neutral colors.


    2. Fiddle-on-your-roof

    Roofs are often a sore spot for both sellers and buyers. Sellers hope to avoid dealing with roof issues, and buyers hate buying a house that needs roof work. In our crazy Seattle-area market, competitive homes can sometimes get away with a shabby roof. However AT MINIMUM you’ll want to get a thorough cleaning of any debris or moss up there.

    If you really want to go the extra mile (and likely increase your home’s value) get those missing or damaged shingles replaced. If you decide the whole thing needs to go, keep in mind that the National Association of Realtors says the national median cost of a new asphalt shingle roof is about $7,500, and it’s likely to be even more in the greater Seattle area.


    4. A nice yard is worth the extra mile

    The curb-appeal of your house will be accentuated by a well-maintained yard. This may sound daunting (especially if your yard has been become the central production facility for blackberry bushes, Morning Glory, and other beloved Northwest invasive species) but once you get passed the initial work of deconstructing the forest that is your lawn, much of the work is done.

    Nicely mowed grass, fresh mulch, and a few attractive easy to maintain colorful plants should do the trick. Cover bare spots on your lawn with sod. Freshen up garden beds and trim hedges. To learn some simple seasonal yard maintenance tips, checkout this site.


    5. Fencing it all in

    A quality fence not only looks great, it adds value to an appraisal. Fences are particularly attractive to families with children and/or pets. It helps frame your lot so it stands out from its neighbors.

    Already have a fence? Replace any broken or peeling sections, pressure wash it, and give it a fresh coat of paint.


    6. Your driveway could make buyers drive away

    Nothing says “Neglected House Here” like gapping potholes in your driveway. Not to mention cracks that are just waiting to spread. If your driveway is cement you can use a simple concrete repair product to fix any cracks or small holes. For gravel, just pick up some bags at your local hardware store or have some delivered from a local rock and gravel supplier. But if your driveway is asphalt things could get tricky so it’s best to call a professional.


    7. It’s all about the details

    Now that you’ve taken care of the major tasks involved in giving your home’s exterior a facelift, consider detailing it.

    A splash of color draws attention to your home and creates a focal point. Consider painting your front door a bright color, or adding some brightly colored potted plants that frame the bottom of your door. Add some shutters or flower boxes to your windows. Place a rocking chair or patio set on your porch.

    Also consider lighting. Some buyers may not be able to come see your house until after dark, so it’s good to make sure porch lights are setup and kept on through the evening.

    Finally, place a cozy welcome mat at your front door to make potential buyers feel at home even before they walk inside.

    These small touches to the exterior of your house will really make it stand out from the rest and help you get the best possible price once you list it. Good luck!

    Click here for more tips from Pro Care, or check out our exterior cleaning services.


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