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  • 3 common roof cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them


    Roof and gutter cleaning is undoubtedly grueling work not to mention a smidge nerve-wracking if you don’t live in a tiny house and it’s located in rain-everyday-all-day-Seattle. But if you are indeed the superhero type, and get up there yourself from time to time, you probably look at it as a get in and get out type of situation. Unfortunately, rushing through the process of cleaning your roof and gutters can actually damage your home if you aren’t careful.

    Even professional roof cleaners can be guilty of damaging your home if they bypass important steps or simply don’t know proper roof and gutter cleaning techniques. In our business we’ve seen the long-term affects of mistakes like these on our customers from their previous service cleaners or their own do-it-yourself fixes.

    So if you are the type that enjoys lying in bed and not having water slowly drip through your ceiling and onto your face while you watch the latest episode of This is Us (because your face is wet enough from your own tears, am I right?), make sure you (or your professional roof cleaner) don’t fall peril to mistakes like these…


    Avoid heavy pressure on your ridge caps.

    If you’ve ever gotten up on your roof you’ve probably noticed the ridge caps shown below. They act as seams for the peaks and roof lines of your home.

    A heavy foot on these temperamental parts of your roof can cause premature wear and cracking…the precursor for eventual leaks. Try to avoid stepping or putting too much pressure on these whenever possible.



    Use standoff’s on your ladder.

    Extension ladders can be vital for roof access, but they can also create unsightly damage if not used cautiously.

    Resting the ladder directly on your gutters for example can easily dent and/or scratch them. Gutters that become dented can have drainage issues, not to mention don’t look as nice. These Werner standoffs should do the trick.



    Consider alternate methods to pressure washing your roof.

    Pressure washing is a somewhat common solution to getting rid of moss and debris, however, for most roofs we do not recommend it. It’s a tempting solution because it provides instant results, but if done incorrectly, it can lower the life-span of your roof.

    Skilled technicians can help avoid this damage, but another issue is that pressure washing can threaten the warranty of your roof. Roofing companies eager to release liability sometimes will not warranty their work or materials once a roof has been pressure washed .

    For composition asphalt shingle roofs we recommend using a wire brush to remove moss like in the picture below. Then follow up with a moss treatment to kill any remaining spores.

    We’ve found that this combination method is both gentle on your roof and effective at removing moss, and has minimal environmental impact. We also recommend a yearly mild moss prevention treatment to continue keeping it under control so you don’t have to keep removing the moss each year, prolonging the life span of your roof.

    Whatever method you end up choosing, just make sure you don’t let moss grow on your roof for too long. Letting it spread can damage your roof because moss holds water, causing roofs to breakdown faster. It can also grow in between your shingles causing them to separate.



    We hope these tips help you keep your roof functioning at it’s best. Here’s to a dry and safe home, inside and out!

    -The Pro Care Team

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