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  • 3 ways your dirty gutters and roof can cause you problems this winter



    So gutters and roof cleaning are not your favorite thing to think about huh?

    We get it. And if you own a home, you might be putting this task off because, well, you probably aren’t hanging out on your roof everyday with a cocktail and a good book. It’s easy not to notice all that moss and debris hiding up there.

    We know this stuff is a drag to think about, but the reality is that continual maintenance of your home’s exterior, such as gutter and roof cleaning, especially during these rainy months, can be crucial to avoiding stressful and costly repairs down the road. Here are three reasons to not put this task off any longer.

    1. Damaging build-up

    Clogged gutters and roof debris prevent water from draining and moving away from your house. Stagnate water can damage your foundation and exterior walls. If you’ve ever seen this happen to a house, you know it’s NOT a pretty picture.

    2. Safety hazards

    Water build-up can also create wet pathways and driveways around your home, becoming slippery ice when freezing temperatures hit. Your youngest children and elderly parents thank you in advance for preventing this one.

    3. Mold

    Finally, damp places can be a breading ground for mold growth. Including the dreaded black mold. Ever heard of the black lung?…not even slightly related…but nonetheless black mold is still bad bad bad and can cause serious health problems.

    At this point you are probably thinking, “Okay okay I get it…I need to clean my gutters and roof….let me just add this one to the bottom of the HUGE LIST OF THINGS I NEED TO DO IN THE NEW YEAR.”

    We know exterior maintenance of your home can feel like a burden and is easy to put off, but at Pro Care our goal is to make this task not so burdensome for you anymore. Our friendly team will help you check this one off your list quick and easy. Shoot us an email or give us a call today and we’ll happily provide you with a free estimate.

    -Andy Pack, Pro Care Inc. / 206-227-5837


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